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Below is a list of all our events for the year. If You wish to have a hard copy of the 2018 events, please download the PDF. Dates may change or need to be confirmed so check back frequently. We also keep our calendar up to date on Google, so you can subscribe there if you like. If you have any questions, please contact our events coordinator.

Download Events Calendar (pdf)

2018 PNDC Events

Date Event Coordinator RSVP/Contact
January 19, 2019 Annual Pizza Party & Elections (2019) Gary & Taryn Hull


March 17, 2018 St. Patrick's Day Parade Jeff Linstad


March 17, 2018 St. Pat's Party Kevin Sparks

March 17 & 18 2018 Car Show @ Seattle Center Jeff Linstad

425-883-1252 (

April 7, 2018 Tech Session Gary Hull


April 14, 2018 Tulip Rallye Toby Peterson

425-451-7000, (

April 28, 2018 Portland Tech Session Knut Grimsrud


May 12, 2018 Redmond Town Center Shawn Knight

253-347-1784 (

May 18- 20, 2018 Spokane Parade & Tech Session Misty Peterson


June 2, 2018 Rose Festival Starlight Parade

Portland Lighted Parade. Cars required to have decorative lighting.

Steve Maguire


June 17, 2018 Fenders on Front Street Shawn Knight


June 23, 2018 Tech Session Toby Peterson

425-451-7000 (

July 4, 2018 Kirkland 4th of July Parade Gary Hull

425-822-1749 (

July 21, 2018 All British Field Meet (Kenmore)

Find information here:

Toby Peterson


August 4, 2018 Exotics at Redmond Town Center (British Car Day) Shawn Knight

253-347-1784 (

August 11, 2018 Tech Session Gary Hull


August 15th - 19th DCS - DeLorean Convention and Show

2018 DeLorean Convention, in St. Charles Illinois.

September 2018 Blarney Ball


Misty Peterson


Sept 22, 2018 Sunfair Parade (Yakima) John Uceny

509-452-7536 (

October 6, 2018 Salmon Days Parade Greg McDonald


October 20, 2018 Tech. Session Toby Peterson

425-451-7000 (

Nov 10, 2018 Tri Cities Veterans Day Parade Vic Lahaula


December 15, 2018 Christmas Party Larry Smith

PNDC Policy for Providing DeLoreans for Events

Our club receives many requests for DeLoreans for various events throughout the year. While we enjoy providing DeLoreans for these events, it is important that you understand our policies to make sure you would like to participate. Please understand that all DeLoreans in our club are privately owned and can not be driven by anyone but their owners. In order to make one available for your event, we must locate a club member who is available and willing to provide their personal vehicle for your particular event.

Please review our club event requirements:

  • We currently do not have any time machine-type DeLoreans available for events in our club.
  • No cars are for rent and can not be driven by anyone but the owner.
  • The Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club requires a $100 donation to our club via our site using PayPal once a DeLorean owner from the club has agreed to provide his DeLorean and services for an event. Please specify 'EVENT DONATION' when making the payment.
  • The donation may be non-refundable if a club member makes monetary arrangements to accommodate your event.
  • A gratuity to the DeLorean owner may be necessary above and beyond the $100 donation, depending on the event and the owner providing the vehicle. This is between the requestor and the DeLorean owner only (the club is not involved in this).
  • In your request please specify:
    • Your location and address to include the state
    • Date of your event
    • Arrival time and duration
    • Where the car or cars will be parked – on the street, driveway, etc.
    • Who will be the contact person and phone number
    • What other requirements, if any, are being assumed that need to be addressed
  • Begin your request with the following sentence: 'I have reviewed the PNDC's DeLorean appearance policy' Without this line, we probably won't respond.

We look forward to assisting you with your event.

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