2014 Spokane Parade & Tech Session

As is the case for most years, the weather more or less cooperated making this another great weekend for the members of PNDC that attended.

The Petersons, Hulls and both of the Linstads left from the North Bend Outlet mall after the usual mini car show and headed east. They were joined by the Boasts (with both of their cars) and the Ucenys from the Tri-Cities area in Ellensburg for another mini car show.

Once in Spokane at the headquarters hotel, they were joined by the Applegates, Denmens and Frank Young. After introductions all around with new PNDC members, the Shetlins, who drove their car all the way up from Jordon, UT everyone headed off to a wonderful B-B-Q dinner hosted by the Hensleys.

Saturday was packed with addressing a few minor issues during the tech. session. And of course the major focus was getting the cars all spiffed up for the torchlight parade that evening.

Since the PNDC entry was later in the parade line-up there was time for a nice relaxed dinner. Then it was off to the staging area to decorate the cars. With a total of 13 cars present, PNDC was once again a big hit with the thousands of spectators that lined the parade route.