PNDC Club Events

Videos of Various Club Activities

2015 Blarney Ball Rally - Tri-Cities WA

Our 25th annual Blarney Ball Rally was held in Tri-Cities, Washington.

Starlight Parade - Portland OR - June 2015

Six DeLoreans participated in the 2015 Portland Starlight Parade. Join in on the fun the owners had in getting ready for the big parade.

The crowds always love our cars!

June 2015 - Portland Starlight Parade

Watch as six DeLoreans participate in the 2015 Portland Starlight Parade, including their televised drive past the viewing stand.

DeLorean's Driving to the 30th Anniversary of the Goonies Day in Astoria OR

Come along on the ride to Astoria Oregon to participate in the "80's Night Out" event during Astoria's annual Goonies' Day Celebration.

2014 Blarney Ball Rally - Vancouver WA

This video is about the annual 2014 Blarney Ball Rally held in Vancouver, Washington.

2013 Blarney Ball Rally - Astoria OR

DeLoreans at the 2013 Blarney Ball Rally in Astoria, Oregon.

2012 Blarney Ball Rally - Troutdale OR

Pictures and video of the Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club's 2012 Blarney Ball in Troutdale, Oregon.

2010 Blarney Ball Rally - Woodland WA

Film and photo's of the Pacific NW DeLorean Car Club's 20th annual Blarney Ball Rally in Woodland, Washington.

D.B. Cooper has made this video the "most watched" on You Tube.

Also features the famous "Singing Moose" of the Ariel Bar.