Faisal Jaswal: Obsession

As you lay eyes on it you ask your self…’am I living the dream?’

A stream-lined, sleek, silver centerpiece for your collection. Custom painted fascias and a full-on aerodynamic package with front air dam and side air-scoops hint at the jet-like performance within. Add a polished duck tail spoiler and fully functional rear diffuser for airflow management and Giorgetto Giugiaro’s best is ready to give a G5 a run for its money. The door arcs up and beckons you in to the sumptuous, two-tone, black and grey interior. You settle into the glove-glike softness of the brand new seats, the door encloses you in a cabin like no other.

You turn the key to the pro-built PRV-6…and you know this will be special.

The engine crackles and growls to life as it comes on the cam aided by the HKS fuel injectors, fuel mapping control systems and the high energy ignition. The polished intake plenums of the BAE turbocharger sitting pretty tempt you to wind it up, just to hear the turbine spool and hiss as the waste gate arrests the boost gauge’s upward spiral…You ‘feel’ the thumping heartbeat strong and loud as only the ceramic coated exhaust headers can convey through the stainless steel polished Flowmaster 4077 series exhaust, breathing out the Porsche 997 exhaust tips.

You cannot help but smile.

The steering wheel is tight but silky smooth to the touch…by now you just cannot resist…you reach down and shift the reworked short throw shifter to engage the new clutch and transmission into gear. YOU KNOW you will not be disappointed as this is what European sports car lore is all about. The car is sure-footed, thanks to the widened track and enhanced suspension tuning. The color matched XXR 502 series wheels are polished to perfection, wearing sticky 255/40ZR18 BF Goodrich g-Force T/A KDW’s rear and matched 215/17 fronts… this baby carves the road. Although you don’t want her to stop, the brakes arrest your momentum NOW.

The BAE/HKS turbo is simply awesome!

Winding seamlessly up to a crescendo, the whoosh of the waste gate sounding like an unstoppable, cascading waterfall. The acceleration pins you as you are propelled forward through the gears…you do it again and again…to the redline every time. So plug in your i-phone into the head unit with integrated iPod connectivity and let the Infinity speakers carry your tunes…A love affair that goes on and on…

This is how you roll!